6 October 2020 (French - Liège)

Giving and receiving feedback 

Mastering one of the keys to team motivation 

In the professional environment, feedback is essential to situate oneself in relation to oneself, to others and to evolve in the company. However, it can be perceived as unpleasant or as a form of criticism, whereas it can be positive and particularly stimulating. 

How to give constructive feedback?
How best to manage the feedback received? 
Our training course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to give constructive feedback: 

to understand the mechanisms of feedback,
to learn how to give and receive feedback as a motivational tool. 

At the end of the course, participants will be able to improve their professional relationships by learning to : 

Giving negative feedback in an assertive way while respecting the sensitivities of their interlocutors
Giving positive feedback
Seek feedback from their hierarchy, project managers, colleagues and to be able to receive it efficiently 

1. Being assertive: useful for giving feedback 

The prerequisite: listening, empathy, reformulation
What is assertiveness? What is it used for? The main principles.
How to communicate effectively in a difficult situation? 

2. DESC to give negative feedback 

Different types of feedback
Giving feedback and managing emotions
Using DESC to say something difficult
Using the DESC to address a criticism or remark 
3. Giving feedback according to social style or situation 

Adapting feedback to suit social style
Giving feedback to a chronic latecomer
Give feedback to "smart lazy" Give feedback to "lazy smart" Give feedback to "I don't care" Give feedback to "I don't care" Give feedback to "I don't care
Giving feedback to recalcitrant people
4. Receive effective feedback 

Ask for feedback
Asking questions
Accept criticism if it is well-founded
Give factual explanations if the criticism is unfounded 

Price: 450€ excl. VAT (400€ for two or more people from the same organization)


May 12, 2020


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