We are QFor certified!

We are very proud to announce that Progress Consulting has obtained for the 4th time the QFor quality certification from CertUp🏆🙌📜! And this for both our training and consulting services.

What is Qfor?

Qfor is a quality model especially developed for training and consulting organizations. After an independent audit and consultation with a sample of our clients, the certification body measures the quality on 10 axes.

This certificate indicates that 💎100% of our clients are satisfied with our training and consulting services!

The Qfor model is a tool for measuring and improving quality in organizations that provide learning and consulting services.

What does this mean to you as a client?

The Qfor label allows certified organizations to:

Adjust and optimize their customer satisfaction, internal operations and quality policy
Better align their services with the specific needs of their (potential) clients
Strengthen their position and reputation in the market and increase customer satisfaction
Access to several subsidy and benefit schemes from different sectors
Congratulations to the entire team and thanks to our clients for their repeated trust 🙏

What our clients say about us:

“The participants were super positive. There are a lot of trainings where we lag a bit, but there was a real desire from the participants to go. We were challenged in a positive way“

“Ik ben echt heel positief over mijn samenwerking met Progress Consulting. Over de kwaliteit die de firma levert, alsook over de communicatie en de interactie. We werken met verschillende firma’s samen voor andere opleidingen. Ik vind dat Progress Consulting één van de aangenaamste firma’s is waarmee we momenteel samenwerken. Het verloopt heel vlot. Ze zijn ook heel flexibel opgesteld.”


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