Talent Management: identifying and mapping skills

Aligning your organization’s strategic challenges with your human resources management

Why is it necessary to optimize skills management planning?

  • Talent management raises the strategic question of human capital as a lever for company performance. Talent management is a strategic approach to human resource planning: what skills do you need to meet your strategic objectives?
  • The market is changing, employees’ expectations are changing too, your strategy is being adapted and your skills management must change as well!
  • However, Talent Management is often an overlooked strategic area. While your strategic vision is clearly defined, perhaps you are unsure about the skills you have in-house to achieve it?
  • New challenges characterize the work of a human resources manager: challenges in terms of Diversity & Inclusion, sectors experiencing labour shortages, new professions and new knowledge needed, risk of loss of knowledge due to mass retirements, etc. Has your company planned for these new challenges in terms of skills management?
Talent Management

We provide you with a team of Talent Management consultants comprising consulting and HR experts who will help you make the link between your strategy and your human capital. The right people with the right skills working in the right place in order to make your organization successful!

How to optimize the planning and mapping of your skill requirements

We approach your Talent Management strategy via three pillars:


Diagnosing your needs

A good talent management strategy starts by defining what you are looking for. We assess your needs and then take a forward-looking approach to anticipate possible shortfalls. In fact, all recruitment campaigns must be planned well in advance. What knowledge, know-how and soft skills will help you to succeed?


Skills mapping

Mapping existing in-house skills using grids and skills maps. What specific expertise do you require? What skills do you risk lacking?


Constructing a strategic plan

Build a strategic talent management plan that considers internal and external options. You then have a clear skills management roadmap to help you align the present and future situation. The priorities of your HR and workforce strategy become clear.


Do you have a question?

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