Terms of sales

Article 1

The customer is deemed as having accepted the service provider’s general terms & conditions of sale.

Article 2

The scope of the services is limited to the elements described in the offer as signed by both parties.
No written order is required for additional services.
The performance of these services without immediate objection by our co-contracting parties shall be considered as an order.
The price will be determined on the day of performance.
By accepting the invoice or the services, the customer agrees to the changes made to previous offers.

Article 3

Both the customer and the service provider undertake to treat the data collected during the collaboration as strictly confidential.

Article 4

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, invoices are payable within 30 days from the date of sending.

Article 5

Any sum not paid on its due date shall automatically bear interest of 5% per month of delay.

Article 6

Any dispute about an invoice must be notified to the service provider and submitted in writing within eight working days.
Beyond that, no claims will be accepted.

Article 7

If the Customer unilaterally decides to terminate the agreement before its completion, the service provider will be entitled to invoice the remaining amount owed in full, unless it can be sufficiently demonstrated that the service provider committed a professional fault.

Article 8

If one of the contracting parties fails to fulfil its obligations, the other party is entitled to legally terminate the contract.
In this case, the service provider is entitled to charge pro rata for the resources used and the stage of performance of the agreement, notwithstanding specific claims for compensation.

Article 9

The courts of the district of Liege have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation Postponement of the date (within three months)
Less than five working days prior to the start of the training course 100% 70%
Between five and fifteen working days prior to the start of the training course 50% 30%
More than fifteen working days prior to the start of the training course 10% No penalties