Our Approach

What has brought satisfaction to the organizations we have been helping for over 25 years? Our 400 + customers tell us it’s because we do not rely on preconceived bias or one-size-fits-all solutions. The question we always ask ourselves is: “What is most relevant to your business vision?”

The lines in our logo represent the three professions that collaborate in your projects, i.e. training & coaching, management consulting, and talent management.

We help you de-escalate tensions to see things more clearly thanks to specific courses of action. Changes in direction and transformations become more visible to the organization as a whole.

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions, whether through our technology watch or our monthly team discussions. If you’re looking for a fearless consultant or trainer, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our approach is based on three professions that can be used alone or jointly.

Boîte Outils Du Manager

Management Consultancy

  • Operational performance
  • Strategy
  • Organizational design
  • Change management
  • Culture transformation
  • Digital Learning strategy
Team building avec la realite virtuelle

Training, Coaching and Blended learning

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Blended Learning
Evaluer Performance

Talent Management

  • Identifying and mapping skills
  • Attracting and recruiting
  • Developing employees’ skills
  • Build loyalty and retain talent

How we like to work

Systemic approach

To bring about a lasting transformation in an organization, we focus on its different dimensions taking a 360° approach. For example, changing the strategy without taking the corporate culture into account results in disappointing outcomes. Offering training when the structure is not adapted to new behaviors can even be counterproductive and demotivating! In practice, our project team will comprise different profiles (trainer, coach, consultant, recruiter, talent manager, digital learning expert, etc.) reporting to a project manager who guarantees the coherence of the overall approach. Our consultants are trained in personal development tools and our trainers are familiar with project management methods.

Customer Orientation

We believe that a joint construction approach is essential when it comes to helping our clients meet their challenges. We create a specific approach for your strategy meaning that targets, methodologies, project management and resources are implemented in line with your unique context. At Progress Consulting, we believe that a mission’s success depends on in-depth analysis and understanding to ensure that we that we speak the same language and are able to visualize where you want to be. Even for short missions we adopt a project approach, i.e. diagnosing the initial situation, making observations on the ground, measuring the expected results — we will guide you from A to Z!

We help you meet your challenges in six areas of your organization:



In a constantly changing world, the ability to innovate in an organization is key to its survival. What are the keys of success for creative teams? What operating methods overcome barriers to innovation? We help your business change so that it remains competitive.

New ways of working

How to adapt to new working practices and remain effective ? How to work effectively remotely ? We help you to reflect, forecast, plan and support your teams.

Digital Transformation

What is our digital approach? It can be seen as a tool to help you implement your strategy, a lever for performance, a customer experience facilitator or a complex project, which we will help you manage with a structured approach. But it is not an end in itself.

Change Management

Change Management is often reduced to managing resistance. Our systemic approach takes into account several factors to ensure that the changes you implement are sustainable. Members of your organization are encouraged to adopt new practices and gradually integrate them into their work.

Motivation & Well-being

Developing people and teams is essential to meet the new challenges of a changing world. For 25 years, we have been helping organization boost team motivation, commitment and well-being in the workplace.

Transforming the corporate culture

We believe it is important to have a corporate culture that improves motivation, performance and value. Our consultants will guide you step by step towards your ideal corporate culture.