Attracting and recruiting the right profiles

Attract more candidates and recruit the right profiles with our recruitment strategy, employer branding advice, assessment centres and onboarding courses.

Why is it more difficult to attract good candidates?

  • Many sectors are facing a shortage of labor and difficulties attracting candidates. Certain specific skills are not yet taught in schools meaning that traditional recruitment channels are not the best source of candidates, also meaning that you need to update your recruitment strategy!
  • How do you recognize a promising candidate? How do you define “high potential”? How can attitudes, such as team spirit or the ability to be creative, be quantified and integrated into the recruitment process? In other words, you can’t improvize a recruitment interview. Lots of preparation and good dose of intuition is required!
  • Finally, younger generations entering the labor market have different employer expectations. They want an attractive employer brand and optimized recruitment process that streamlines the job application experience
Attract Good Candidates

How can we help you attract and recruit good profiles?

  • Our Talent Management consultants will help you to draw up job descriptions, position descriptions and definitions of roles and responsibilities.
  • Employer brand development: is your company visible and attractive enough? We optimize your employer branding strategy to attract candidates. Our briefing includes everything you will need to make a relevant and stand-out proposal to future candidates (reputation, remuneration, communication, working environment, etc.)
  • Identifying specific candidate targets/profiles and sourcing strategy (distribution channels, partnerships, etc.)
  • Recruitment strategy(internal or external): optimizing recruitment processes, and conducting recruitment interviews and assessments.
  • Finally, onboardingoptimized through advice or the setting up of induction programs: welcoming newcomers in the best possible way to inculcate the corporate culture.