Our Mission

For 25 years, Progress Consulting has been helping organizations meet strategic business challenges by developing human skills and transforming businesses.

What are the new challenges with regard to business transformation ?

The recent rapid and dramatic changes in our society are echoed in the business world:

  • New generations entering the workforce
  • Gig economy
  • Increased competition
  • Digitalization
  • Price pressure
  • New working culture
  • Agility in the face of major crises
  • Etc.
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How can we help you? How do you go about transforming your organization or business ?

Our DNA is to help organizations to progress and transform both their structural dimensions (strategic positioning, organization, processes, talents, etc.) and their human dimensions (culture, behavior, attitudes, motivation, etc.).

All facets of an organization need to be aligned to create sustainable change: strategy, process, organization type, talent, behavior, etc.

What are our values ?

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Our actions produce measurable results that are optimal for the resources invested.

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Our actions are completely transparent in budgetary, operational and human terms.

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Human-centric approach

Our approach means being respectful, empathetic and attentive to all those involved. Fun, energy and motivation are at the heart of our philosophy.

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Our monitoring policy, based on research, reading and exchanges, ensures that our interventions are always cutting-edge.