Developing people, transforming organizations

For 25 years, Progress Consulting has been helping businesses address their strategic challenges. We help businesses and organizations with their transformations whether structural (strategic positioning, organizational, processes, talent management, etc.) or cultural (corporate culture, behaviors, attitudes, motivation, etc.).

The Progress added value

Think big,
act sustainably.

Listen, Analyze and Act with Us This is what characterizes our approach. Changing strategy without changing processes and culture yields few results.

Unlike many large consultancy firms, Progress Consulting does not turn up at your business with off-the-shelf ideas and solutions. We don’t use standard scripts and tables.

When working on-site, our experts try to blend in and immerse themselves in your organization. They adapt to the audience whether they’re talking to the management committee or an operational team working on the ground.

Our missions lead to specific action plans that your teams can easily take ownership of and implement.

Our corporate culture involves taking a human-centric approach with regard to all our actions — transparency, simplicity and respect — because the transformation of an organization is inseparable from the development of its people.

Our approach
Progress Philosophy

Six action levers



In a constantly changing world, the ability to innovate in a company is key to its survival. What are the keys of success for creative teams? What operating methods overcome barriers to innovation? We help your business change so that it remains competitive.


New ways of working

How to adapt to new working practices and remain effective ? How to work effectively remotely ? We help you to reflect, forecast, plan and support your teams.


Digital transformation

What is our digital approach? It can be seen as a tool to help you implement your strategy, a lever for performance, a customer experience facilitator or a complex project, which we will help you manage with a structured approach. But it is not an end in itself.


Change management

Change management is often reduced to managing resistance. Our systemic approach takes into account several factors to ensure that the changes you implement are sustainable. Members of your organization are encouraged to adopt new practices and gradually integrate them into their work.



Motivation & Well-being

Developing people and teams is essential to meet the new challenges of a changing world. For 25 years, we have been helping businesses boost team motivation, commitment and well-being in the workplace.


Cultural transformation in organizations

We believe it is important to have a corporate culture that improves motivation, performance and value. Our consultants will guide you step by step towards your ideal corporate culture.

On the field


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The strength of a team

Launched in 1996, Progress Consulting is mainly active on the Belgian, French and Luxembourg markets in French, Dutch, German and English. Last year, we gave nearly 2500 days of intervention.

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