(re)Organization Design

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An organizational structure that responds to market logic and is supported by internal technological competence centers


What is the purpose of the project ?

In order to achieve its strategic ambitions in terms of development and growth, Lambda-X needs to organize itself not on the basis of the technical expertise of its teams, but according to the current and future realities of its target markets. It is therefore necessary for the organization to evolve towards a more strategic management of its expertise, in order to…

  • … To better respond to specific customer needs (from different segments)
  • … Be able to better manage anticipated market trends
  • … Capitalize more effectively on internal technical and methodological expertise
  • … Identify expertise (and activities) to be internalized versus external partnerships
  • … Enable career development paths around target markets and technical know-how


  • 50 employees

  • High tech


  • Organisational

  • Design


1 consultant


A few weeks



To foster its anticipated growth and strengthen its positioning in its target markets, the company needed to rethink its organization and key governance principles.



The approach must ensure optimal alignment between the strategic orientations of the target organization and the operational realities of each of the businesses and expertise that make it up – today and tomorrow.


In order to achieve this, it is essential to identify the responsibilities that arise from the “competence centers” and “markets/customer specificities” logics, and then define and formalize the key interactions in clear processes.


Assess the level of strategic orientation and maturity of the different métiers of Lambda-X, to identify which one can be capitalized and which ones should be reinforced or externalized
Analyze synergies vs. specificities (or global vs. local management) for each step of the Lambda-x value chain, in order to identify which expertise can be centralized in dedicated competence centers, and which ones are specific to markets/customers
Design the target organization around Business Lines (based on targeted market, to reinforce the proximity with the customers) and Competences Centers (based on transversal technical expertise)
Map the necessary role and expertise on the target organization and identify the potential competence gaps and need for governance guidelines


A structure that reflects the organization’s strategic vision :

Lambda-X’s target organization is structured around Business Lines that are fully responsible for the entire order life cycle, from order intake to delivery, subcontracting technical specifications to the appropriate internal Competence Centers (CCs) or, if necessary, to appropriate external partners :

  • Strategic alignment by strengthening proximity to the customer, following the structuring of the organization according to its target markets (and no longer according to its technical expertise), around specific business lines fully responsible for the end-to-end life cycle of orders and projects ;
  • Improved operational performance through more efficient allocation and use of internal expertise, and the implementation of cross-functional skills centers to meet the specific technical needs of customers in targeted markets;


  • Clarification of internal development opportunities through the implementation of a governance structure that facilitates key roles and interactions within the organization, and offers motivating career opportunities at all levels.

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