Determining growth ambitions & plotting a course to achieve them

  • Advisory


Project Background & Rationale

Having just added two new partners to its Management Committee, the company is faced with a dilemma: to pursue its development and continue to aim for double-digit growth – at the risk of losing its identity and original differentiation levers – or to stabilize by relying on existing expertise and working primarily on improving the quality of products and services without targeting new markets. In a constantly (r)evolving sector, it is essential to align with key strategic orientations and understand the implications of pursuing them.


  • 100-200 ETPs

  • Green energy

  • Belgium & International


  • Definition of the 3-year strategic roadmap in a context of strong growth


1 consultant (Strategy)


Preliminary intakes followed by 2 one-day work sessions

Expressed Needs



Align the Executive Committee with the organization’s purpose and growth drive without neglecting quality and historical operating models.


Strike the right balance between innovation and sales, to ensure that the organization is in a position to meet tomorrow’s challenges.


Ensure greater consistency in the diversity of solutions offered and markets addressed, primarily in terms of feasibility and profitability.

Our Approach

In collaboration with the Management Committee, the approach breaks down into 6 key points:

“What’s the play we’re in?” Reflecting on the micro-economic aspects of the sector and competitive mapping
“What role do we want to play?” Reflection on segment and geographic coverage, market/ product pairing,...
“What differentiates us for this role?” Reflecting on differentiating factors and competitive advantages
“What do we need to do to get there?” Determining the structure, governance and investments to be put in place
“Which path do we want to walk?” Identification and planning of the actions to be taken to achieve the target vision
“How can we stay on course?” Determining and committing to the means of monitoring the strategic action plan


  • A clearer link between product/role combinations and customer typologies


  • Highlighting and optimizing differentiation levers
  • A 3-year strategic plan detailing targeted changes in sales, resources and product mix.


  • A deployment plan detailing priority actions ,at different levels (sales, HR, operations, management systems, etc.).

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