Reflecting strategic ambitions & strengthening expertise management

  • Advisory


Project Background & Rationale

In order to achieve its strategic ambitions in terms of development and growth, a preliminary strategic exercise led the Management Committee to the conclusion that it was now necessary for the company to organize itself no longer on the basis of the technical expertise currently present within its teams, but rather according to the current and future realities of its target markets. This should translate into greater proximity and attentiveness to customers, as well as more strategic and structural management of talent.


  • 50-100 ETPs

  • High-Tech & Space

  • Belgium


  • Determining the target organizational structure & strategic talent management


2 consultants (Org Design & Talent Management)


6 à 8 workshops of 1/2 day each

Expressed Needs


Create a structure that is more capable of meeting the specific needs of targeted segments and better managing anticipated innovation trends


Capitalize more effectively on in-house technical and methodological expertise and identify essential strategic partnerships


Enable career development paths based on target markets and technical know-how

Our Approach

The aim of this approach is to draw up a transition plan towards the target organization and operating principles, based on the implications identified during the process :

Confirmation of the guidelines and founding principles resulting from the preliminary exercise
Assessment of the degree of strategic maturity of businesses and in-house expertise
Identifying global technologies applicable to all targeted segments, or specific to a particular segment
Defining the main principles of governance and the re
Formalizing target structure and transition and implementation plan
Career development logic based on 3 axes: technical criticality, team management and strategic management


  • A market-driven organizational structure supported by in-house technological competence centers


  • Specific business lines fully responsible for the end-to-end lifecycle of customer orders and projects
  • More efficient allocation and use of in-house expertise


  • Governance that emphasizes key roles and interactions within the organization

Some references

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