The surprising benefits of employer branding

What is employer branding ?

Employer branding is the internal culture that a company creates. It is based on the history of the brand, but also on the way employees live the values of that brand, both internally and externally.

This has a considerable impact on business or commercial performance – indeed, each of us, unconsciously or consciously, is attracted to a brand x or y for what it represents in our imagination, or what it stands for as a collective value in the eyes of all.

The unsuspected benefits for your organization

But that’s not all… Our Talent Management specialist Gladys Fontaine explains…

Employer branding also reflects the company’s ability to attract talent externally, and to retain talent internally. The art of employer branding therefore concerns attraction, engagement and retention initiatives aimed at enhancing the employer brand.

Who doesn’t dream of joining an organization that is described as a great place to work, a great place to live, and a great place to be?

One could compare the company to a person, in the sense that employer branding would be what would be said about a person when they leave a room – do emotions of admiration arise? Of attraction? Of doubt or rejection?

The global approach of our Employer Branding experts

It is not only what can be found on the official website in terms of values or “who we are”, it is the whole of what is said about YOUR company on the web, on social networks and between employees. For example, Louis Vuitton highlights its employer brand through a series of podcasts where employees share how they have evolved within the company.

Alongside branding, the employee value proposition is also worth highlighting – this is the entire employment proposition. This value proposition refers to the rewards & benefits received by employees – which has an undeniable impact on talent retention today.