22 September 2020 (Brussels)

Driving Change with Insights Discovery

In our ever-changing world, change has become an integral part of our lives. And, each of us responds to it in very different ways.  You want to lead change with your stakeholders in mind. Our training will allow you to discover how to approach change from a new angle, thanks to the Insights Discovery colour model: 4 colours to identify in a clear and accessible way the different personality types and their management of the relationship to themselves and to others.

We will address both the individual and collective aspects of the dynamics of change. 


  • To understand the processes of change and the role of the coach in this process.
  • Understanding attitudes and possible contributions to change
  • Identifying one's own strengths and weaknesses in the face of change
  • Learn how to effectively manage resistance to change and create enthusiasm
  • Know how to create an effective team for change processes
  • Understanding each other better to better understand others and overcome differences in order to better collaborate and communicate with different types of personalities. 

Program : 

  • Change : 

- What is it? 
- The stages of a change process  
- Change, emotions and needs 
- The famous resistance to change 

  • All different in the face of change :

- The 4 Insights Energies for Facing Change
- How each energy can contribute positively to change
- Communicating effectively to different energies in the event of change

  • Manage colour fastness

- The needs in each of the colours
- Identify and respond to the stress of each colour  
- Creating an effective team in the face of change
-Adoption curve - Theory of innovation