Integrating various specialties

In order to generate the ongoing transformation of your organisation, it is important to take an integrated and systemic action on various dimensions. A change of strategy without modifying procedures and culture for example, generally does not generate a lot of results.

Progress Consulting accompanies its clients using one or several of its 6 specialties to efficiently tackle the transformation project. In reality, the project team may consist of various profiles (coach, management consultant, recruiter, trainer, operation excellence expert...), all organised around one project manager guaranteeing a coherent global approach.


Expert teams with loads of experience

Our consultants are experts and have at least ten years of experience in their field. Most of our resources are certified in their area of competence (ADKAR, Insights, MBTI, DISC, ICF, Lean...)


Prestigious references in an array of activity sectors

Progress Consulting was founded in 1996. We have been working ever since with most of the top 100 companies in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg active in a wide range of sectors such retail, banking, insurance, industry, public sector, charity... Our average satisfaction rate is higher than 90%.


Our corporate culture

Besides the expertise and the consultants, our corporate culture is all about human values, such as serenity, simplicity, mutual respect,... as the transformation of organisations is intertwined with people development.


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