Progress Consulting sponsors Alterapi, supporting bee conservation efforts

The bee population has been declining sharply, and at a growing pace, for several years now, both in Wallonia and elsewhere in Europe.

Here at Progress Consulting, we’ve sponsored a beehive to help protect this important species.

Alterapi’s beehive sponsored by Progress Consulting


Know Limit




Progress Consulting has developed a range of personal development services known as Know Limit.

Our consultants found that they were fielding ever more “personal” questions during their work for organisations. Keen to come up with a new way to address personal needs, we created Know Limit.

What is Know Limit?

  • Know Limit offers a range of high-quality tools that give individuals a better understanding of themselves and others and help to improve their sense of self-fulfilment.
  • Know Limit is intended for anyone who is interested in personal development, wants to improve their quality of life and is looking to develop better relationships with others.
  • Know Limit provides advice and support to help people gain more balance in their lives, through enjoyable and friendly sessions run by training and communication professionals.

Visit the Know Limit website




Progress Consulting is a partner of Pulse4HR, a spin-off from the University of Liège
Pulse4HR is a tool for monitoring, diagnosis and prognosis of HR health of companies. Through the continuous collection of employee mindset and statistical analysis, Analytics4HR helps you develop a deep understanding of your organization's HR issues.




Progress Consulting supports Hunterz, a fun solution for recruiting by co-option.
Thanks to an original application, the company has an interface to manage the vacant jobs, but also their animation scenario, in points and in euros. As for the employees, they can follow each stage of progression of their candidates. They see their score evolve, and their earning potential in real time.

Le site internet de Hunterz



Progress Consulting is a partner of Nelumbo, a visual creator
From the harmonization of slides to the complete realization of presentations, the creation of impactful storylines, the formalization of research on specific topics, training and coaching, Nelumbo aims to help their clients deliver quality professional presentations to highly competitive prices - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Le site internet de Nelumbo




Progress Consulting is a partner of the Dome of Charleroi
On March 21st Progress Consulting took part in the inauguration party of the Dôme, this mythical place known and known under the name of Spirou Dôme.
On occasion, this room has become a place for dinner, sharing and networking.
From now on, the Dôme will host, in addition to its basketball competitions, events of all kinds, ranging from seminars, business lunches to business conferences. Our experts will now be privileged speakers and will animate various evenings.

Le site internet du Dôme