Julie Hennen


Julie Hennen joined Progress Consulting to focus on her core interest – HR development at every level of the organisation. She holds a degree in psychology (specialising in social psychology and the psychology of labour and organisations). She began her career in the HR department at Corman, a subsidiary of French firm Savencia that employs 450 people, where she served as development officer and training manager and acted as Soft RH lead.

Julie brings natural energy and positivity to her role, and her experience at a local manufacturing firm in Liège means she is well placed to deal with people from all walks of life (senior executives, managers, front-line operatives and in-house trainers alike). A bilingual French and Dutch speaker, she relishes challenges both at work and on the sports field.


  • Master’s degree in psychology, specialising in social psychology and the psychology of labour and organisations – University of Liège (2014)


  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Entreprise et changement
  • Formation
  • HR
  • People management
  • Personal development


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French