The toolbox of the project and change manager

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Course designed for

  • Anyone who manages a change project
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Course length

  • 4 days

The only thing that won’t change is change.

Make a project out of a change, integrate the “change management” dimension in your projects ; such are the challenges of this highly appreciated program.



To develop skills in change management and project management



More specifically :


Have a project and change management methodology based on the “change journey”


Develop your strategic intelligence to anticipate situations of tension



Progress in your project and change management skills

Teaching methode

  • Precise methodological framework (change journey, ADKAR)

  • Work on concrete cases that the participant brings

  • Intervision

  • Games

Education programme

  • The project change journey and its implications

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Strategic intelligence: what is it?

  • Implementation of the action plan prepared in D1

  • Communicate better on your projects by incorporating the “change management” dynamic

  • The project charter

  • Impact analysis and its consequences

  • Implementations and intervision

  • A planning why? How to plan?

  • Networking, a key skill of the project and change manager

  • Tactical resistance management

  • The key moments of your change journey

  • Anticipating and managing conflicts inherent to project management

  • Managing complex cases brought by participants during the program

  • Anchoring and conclusions

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