The STAR method


  • HR managers and staff, managers, HR consultants


  • 1/2 day

How to evaluate a skill in a objective and concrete way according to the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) ?

The STAR method is a disruptive tool that values past actions and experiences. Beyond the declarative dimension (“I am organized” “I delegate”), this method constitutes a demonstration by the proof through the presentation of concrete achievements. Particularly useful for evaluating a skill during a recruitment or evaluation interview, it also allows you to personalize and energize your questions.

Training objectives


Prepare your selection or evaluation interviews according to the targeted skills


Question and go beyond behavioral skills


Have a tool that guarantees the greatest objectivity

Pedagogical method

  • Presentation

  • Practical exercises

  • Case studies

Pedagogical program

  • Presentation of the method and its application in the different types of interviews

  • What is a competence: distinction between knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills

  • The principles of communication and the different types of questions

  • Preparing an interview according to the STAR method and asking questions targeted by competence

  • Pitfalls to avoid

  • Alternative methods

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