Succeeding in a cultural transformation


  • This training is intended for anyone confronted with the need to change the culture of an organization, the collective behaviors whatever the context, the sector, the purpose of the approach considered.



  • 1 day

How can culture hinder or, on the contrary, support the strategic stakes of an organization? What are the levers of action on culture ?

Today, it is common to associate the question of organizational culture with the definition of values. These values are generally essential in the eyes of leaders in order to complete the exercise of defining the organization’s mission and vision.

However, this definition of values, even if it has the merit of specifying the desired direction, often proves to be insufficient or even frustrating in the field to truly influence behavior.

There are many needs to influence collective behavior: attracting and retaining talent, preventing psycho-social risks, supporting change management and the adoption processes, integrating entities in the context of mergers and acquisitions, etc.

The culture of an organization is therefore a difficult element to grasp, one that is subtle, but which nevertheless has a determining impact on the organization’s ability to adapt to the challenges of its environment.

This training explores what organizational culture is, how to characterize it objectively, the approach and tools to influence it and succeed in a cultural transformation process to create sustainable value for the organization.

Training objectives


Understand the different facets of the notion of culture


Learn to characterize the culture present in an organization through a scientific and statistical model


Explore an approach and tools to transform the culture of an organization

Pedagogical method

  • Conceptual and theoretical background

  • Practical exercises and experience sharingCase study on “building a feedback culture” or “building a process-oriented culture”…

  • Self-diagnosis and individual action plan for the organization considered by the participant

Pedagogical program

  • Explore the notion of culture through etymology and Peter KOENIG’s “Source Principles”.

  • Characterize the culture present in an organization using Clare GRAVES’ model and the contributions of Spiral Dynamics

  • Explore a concrete and practical approach as well as the tools to use during a cultural transformation:

    o Ken WILBER’s 4Q

    o Change management path

    o Sociodynamic matrix

    o Jean-François BERTHOLET’s Mobilization Spiral

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