Running a remote meeting

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  • Anyone likely to facilitate a meeting.
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How do you run a meeting efficiently, even a remote meeting ?

The COVID crisis has forced us to increase the number of remote meetings. How can we ensure that these meetings are structured and useful? This is what we propose to consider in this course.



Prepare the meeting.

(the points to be discussed; ways of speaking; etc.)


Stimulate the interaction of the participants.


Maintain the attention of colleagues

despite distance.


Ensure that the objectives determined at the beginning of the meeting can be achieved.


Close the meeting.


  • Situational exercises/simulations of a fictitious virtual meeting – debriefing on verbal behaviors, on objectives, on leading a meeting
  • Exercise on the identification of verbal behaviors
  • Case study on logistical and technical aspects
  • Exercise on the drafting of meeting notices


  • Preparing a virtual meeting:

+  Material needed. What do you need to think about? Logistical and technical aspects.

+  Choosing the type of meeting according to the objectives – communicating the goals in the invitation

+  Writing an invitation/ notice of meeting

  • Participating actively in a virtual meeting:

+ Verbal behaviors that are conducive or detrimental to participation – stimulating participation

  • Facilitating a virtual meeting effectively

+  Guaranteeing the process and following the rules (timing, etc.)

+  Managing inappropriate behavior and difficult situations: complex questions, aggressiveness, manipulation…

  • Following up a virtual meeting: minutes/ recording

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