Managing emails

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Making email a personal efficiency tool.

Email completely changed the way we communicate, bringing with it advantages, but also disadvantages. Managing emails can become a problem and cause tensions and stress.
Without an organized approach, information or requests can fall through the cracks and give a bad impression of a company.

Training objectives


Provide specific techniques for managing emails.


Learn some writing tips and techniques for organizing your inbox.


Efficiently write outgoing emails and manage incoming messages.

Teaching approach

  • Each participant brings a laptop so that the tools and techniques shared by the trainer can be instantly applied.

Training content

  • Analysis of problems encountered when managing emails.
  • Rules for writing and structuring emails.
  • Tips and tricks for not wasting others’ time.
  • How do you send a delicate message by email?
  • Organizing your inbox.
  • Get better at managing incoming emails.
  • Implementing a personal action plan

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