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What’s the best way to manage Gen Y and Z employees in your team?

The huge influx of employees born after 1980 is disrupting codes of conduct and finding organi- zations and managers unprepared. Entitled, raised like royalty, it’s no surprise that they question everything (management structure, values system, hours and schedules, work priorities) and work differently (multitaskers, allergic to rules).

Gen Y is already here, Gen Z is flooding the workplace and replacing the Boomers who are retiring. These young people have many qualities and now is the time to get to know them and take action.

Training objectives


Identify Gen Y and Z characteristics.


Learn how to manage the new generations / millennials.


Learn how to foster collaboration and connection across generations.


Learn how to facilitate knowledge transfer and avoid intergenerational conflicts


Explore the conditions for success

(recruiting, integration, motivation, cohabitation).

Teaching approach

  • Sharing of experiences and real-world examples provided by participants.
  • Learning games about generational stereotypes.
  • Self-assessment and map of participants’ teams.
  • Case studies and role plays.

Training content

  • Primary characteristics of the new generations.
  • How can you transfer tacit/explicit knowledge to the new generations?
  • What motivates the different generations?
  • What is an intergenerational conflict?
  • Which talent and skills management approaches should you take for each generation?
  • Techniques for fostering collaboration and connection across generations.
  • Techniques for motivating a mixed group.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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