Face-to-face sales

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Training designed for

  • Anyone interested.
  • Operational personnel, including team leaders and managers.
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  • 1 to 2 days

Prepping in advance, establishing contact, listening, and closing a sale.

Learn the steps of the sales process and the best techniques for closing a sale. Every customer that comes along is already a win for you! Then you need to get them interested, take care of their needs, and stay in touch. This training shows you how to create this connection and teaches you how to effectively close the sale. Feel free to bring examples of real situations you’ve experienced, and we’ll help you adopt the skills necessary for closing face-to-face sales.

Training objectives


Learn some simple tips and techniques for getting your prospect to open up.


Learn how to identify what your prospects are looking for.


Learn how to offer them a tailored solution through a targeted sales pitch.


Learn how to avoid questions about cost.


Learn how to close a sale productively.

Teaching approach

  • Theory, simulations, and practical application through numerous individual and group exercises. Exercises, role plays, and real- world cases throughout the training.

Training content

  • Remove sales obstacles.
  • A simple, effective approach: APEROS
  • A: Develop a winning Attitude.
  • P: Pose the right questions.
  • E: Open your Ears, listen actively and respond appropriately.
  • R: Reformulate customer needs in a convincing sales pitch.
  • O: Objections to overcome before you can close.
  • A closer look at overcoming objections to co.

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