Building a network and identifying opportunities

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Training designed for

  • Young people, sales personnel, specialized employees

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  • 1 to 2 days

Getting to your first sales.

Many specialized employees accustomed to approaching customer relations with a “product” mindset are discovering that, today, they need to be more proactive, identifying new opportunities, or even attracting new customers to their organization. In-house counsel, attorneys, engineers, technicians, etc. Each has a commercial role and can (or should?) do their part to contribute to the business.

Although it’s important, doing this requires employees to step out of their comfort zone and revisit established work habits. Furthermore, this extra responsibility can lead to frustration and can cause stress and tensions. This is very common in times of change

Training objectives

This sales training for non-sales employees provides the motivation they need to get started and the tools they need to get results.

Teaching approach

  • Before the training, participants are asked to create or update their LinkedIn profile in order to get personalized feedback.
  • Tools for defining your networking strategy.
  • Workshops and breakout group discussions.

Training content

  • Exploring your limiting beliefs about sales and turning them into empowering beliefs.
  • Developing a positive attitude.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to see commercial growth as collective and personal progress.
  • Taking action in your circle of influence.
  • Cultivating existing accounts.
  • Networking: contraints – drivers
  • Making your own luck!
  • Your different networks: customers, contacts, partners.
  • How to turn customers into a network.
  • The elevator pitch: Explain what your company does any time, anywhere.

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