Stijn Bredo
Union of Cities and Municipalities of Wallonia (UVCW)

We thoroughly enjoy working with Progress Consulting because:

  • They offer a broad range of expertise: so far, Progress Consulting have delivered training courses on communication, management, project management, personal performance, skills management, and other subjects besides.
  • They prepare meticulously: Progress Consulting have shown they are capable of designing bespoke training courses tailored to the specific needs of their audience.
  • Our trainees are extremely satisfied with the training they provide: we carry out satisfaction surveys after every course, and attendees have consistently rated Progress Consulting’s training provision highly.
  • They can adapt to audiences with different needs and profiles: to date, Progress Consulting have delivered courses for senior executives, project initiators and local government staff, providing an approach and content tailored to the trainees’ specific needs every time.
  • They use a diverse array of teaching and learning methods: Progress Consulting regularly make use of role-plays, case studies, authoritative presentations, group work, recorded sessions, etc. This means that our trainees get a full grasp of the content.

We’ve built a long-lasting partnership with Progress Consulting and we’re extremely happy with the results. Their provision is fully in line with our standards and expectations.