« The right words found at the right moment,lead to action. » Hannah Arendt

Pleasant and efficient courses in your company.

Why a business conference?

Do you want to convey inspiring ideas and impactful messages to your employees or to your network?

Do you want to reach an important population in a single action?

Would you like your target group live an inspiring event?


What we offer:

Full of energy and enthusiasm, the Progress Consulting team gathers inspiring and professional consultantsthat can turn your event into something unique and leave a lasting impression in the participants minds. They will be sharing with you all their competences or their life journey.

Progress Consulting proposes a catalogue of inspirational ‘guest speakers’ according to 4 big themes of preference:

  • Sport & Management
  • Cultural Transformation 
  • Art & Management
  • Positive attitude

Have a theme in mind? We will find and select the best possible speaker for you !


Our strengths

  • Original and inspiring topics, captivating and passionate stories.
  • Expert speakers renowned in their area of expertise.
  • Top references.
  • Short formats (90 mins maximum), using interactive digital tools. 
  • Webinar format upon request.