Anticipating & Managing the Impact of deploying a CRM

  • Advisory


Project Background & Rationale

In order to strengthen its leading position in the face of competition, and to serve its customers even better, the organization wanted to implement a modern, dynamic CRM solution, designed to centralize all information and interactions relating to the customer lifecycle (initially in Luxembourg, then in other Group entities). The aim of the initiative is to support the CRM project team in managing the human dynamics involved in this complex change, and thus to combine the quality of the deployed solution with the necessary level of buy-in from stakeholders.


  • 750-1250 ETPs

  • Finance

  • Luxemburg, then worldwide


  • Definition & implementation of a change management plan for a new CRM


2 consultants (Change Management & Organizational Culture)


9 to 12 months, based on the CRM project schedule

Expressed Needs


Assess the current situation and the readiness of affected populations for future changes, then identify and plan the actions to be taken.


Through a series of initiatives (e.g. workshops, communication plans, collective or individual coaching, etc.), help those involved in the field to make the new tool their own.


Coach the team of in-house Digital Officers individually and/or collectively, with a view to acquiring and reinforcing “Change” skills.

Our Approach

The approach is based on 2 major successive stages, ‘Project Intelligence’ and ‘Execution and monitoring of the change management plan’ :

Assessment of impacts and potential resistance to CRM deployment - via questionnaires, interviews and dedicated workshops
Identification and planning of actions to be taken (e.g. training, communication, workshops, coaching...)
Deployment of these actions in an agile manner, based on a predefined schedule of ‘key moments of change’.
Monitoring the understanding and commitment of key stakeholders to the change brought about by the new CRM, using the ADKAR© methodology to validate collective and individual commitment objectives, and reacting to any resistance with appropriate actions.


  • Detailed mapping of anticipated impacts andpotential resistance


  • Planning and implementation of support actions in 4 areas: training & onboarding, on-the-job support, local coaching, communication & promotion
  • Identification and activation of a community of internal ambassadors and Change Managers


  • Emulating the approach in the Group’s other geographical entities

Some references

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