Web Training : sales techniques

13 et 18 November 2020

We offer you training on this topic through an e-learning module on our Progress e-Academy and 2 Web Training sessions of 2h30. This will enable you to put into practice the elements covered in…

15 and 16 April 2020 (French - Walloon Brabant) POSTPONED: Creativity Bootcamp: Boost your creative abilities! 

Covid-19 : contact us to know more about the possibilities of this e-learning training

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" according to Einstein.

There are not on one side those who use their left brain and on the other side those who use their right…

2, 3 April and 4 May 2020 (French - Brussels) POSTPONED: Managing and coaching with the Process Communication Model®.

Covid-19 : contact us to know more about the possibilities of this e-learning training.

Managing and coaching with Process Communication Model®.

3 days to understand & know how to manage personalities thanks to the Process Communication Model®.

3 days to increase…

18 May 2020 (French - Liège) POSTPONED

Sharpen your business effectiveness with neuroscience

Understand brain function while respecting values and ethics

  • Understand how influence, manipulation and bias act
  • Enriching the sales/marketing/speaking/…

19 May 2020 (Brussels) DIGITAL

Interpersonal communication and assertiveness

An effective means of communication for asserting oneself in one's relationships

To manage a team project or conduct a negotiation interview, it is important to adopt a sincere and…

28 and 29 May 2020 (French - Luxembourg) POSTPONED

Manager: a vocation in its right


  • To better understand your role as a manager
  • To manage your team more effectively
  • To handle your managerial duties successfully (motivating others,…

8 and 9 June 2020 (Bruxelles) POSTPONED

The best of coaching tools for managers! 

A unique sharing of concrete and powerful coaching techniques by ICF certified professionals!

Do you want to progress and/or help your colleagues to develop in coaching…

11 and 12 June 2020 (French - Luxembourg) POSTPONED

Emotion Management 

Improving relationships through emotion management 

Whether "positive" or "negative", emotions also come into play in your professional life. They do not constitute a…

22 September 2020 (Brussels)

Driving Change with Insights Discovery

In our ever-changing world, change has become an integral part of our lives. And, each of us responds to it in very different ways.  You want to lead change with your stakeholders in mind. Our…

6 October 2020 (French - Liège)

Giving and receiving feedback 

Mastering one of the keys to team motivation 

In the professional environment, feedback is essential to situate oneself in relation to oneself, to others and to evolve in…