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The mission of Progress Consulting

Progress Consulting has been helping organisations like yours tackle strategic challenges head-on for more than 20 years – from HR development through to comprehensive transformation.

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Business Cases


  • Progress Consulting have been delivering regular management, sales and personal development courses for us for many years now. We’ve kept coming back because almost every one of our trainees has been extremely satisfied with the service they received.

    Their trainers really know how to manage a group, show empathy and deliver their sessions with contagious energy. Each and every session is truly u...

  • Progress Consulting have been delivering sales training courses and management and personal development coaching for our staff since 2006.

    They have an in-depth understanding of our industry and the financial sector in Luxembourg. Progress Consulting really go beyond the call of duty, developing close relationships with trainees and providing all-important analysis and consulting services on top...

  • The content of the courses was exactly what we were hoping for. The programmes were well-prepared, the pre-training documents were sent to the right people, the syllabuses were clear and well-presented, the trainers had excellent technical knowledge and teaching skills, and everyone involved was extremely professional and punctual.


    These hands-on courses really helped our trainees to improve t...

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