The role of the proximity manager in change management


  • All managers and future team managers

  • Anyone who guides change in an ambassador role


  • 1 day

If the proximity manager does not play his or her role as change manager, change will be very difficult to implement!

A practical training that allows the proximity manager to play his or her role. A proven practical approach, delivered by ADKAR certified trainers.

Training objectives


Communicate on a change


Liaise top down and bottom up


Involve at the right level


Anticipate resistance


Support colleagues in the change process

Pedagogical method

  • We will start from concrete cases experienced by the participants
  • Live games
  • Intervision on concrete cases experienced by the participants
  • Sharing of practical cases


Pedagogical program

  • What is the role of the manager in change management?

  • Communicate the change to your team and to the stakeholders in your area

  • Ensuring that information is passed on to and from the team so that the change can take place as smoothly as possible

  • Manage negative emotions and resistance in the field

  • Guide colleagues in the team to help them accept the change

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