The manager’s toolkit*

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Training designed for

  • Anyone managing a team.
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  • 4 days

Key factors and must-have tools for management*.

As the manager of a team, you’ll want to boost your leadership skills, which is not something to be taken lightly. In this training, you’ll learn the best ways to approach your role, how to flourish as a manager, and how to help your team grow along with you. Master essential management skills and take charge of your team and your career! In this training, Progress Consulting will help you become a motivational leader.



*Available as “Best practices for remote management”

Training objectives


What is the manager’s role?

What are the duties and key skills of a manager?


What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?


Learn how to manage and motivate a team.


Learn how to tackle management tasks efficiently:

motivating employees, goal-setting, monitoring work, providing feedback, and more.


Learn how to gain the confidence you need to discipline an employee.


Learn how to approach delicate situations, like managing a challenging team or personality conflicts among team members

Teaching approach

  • Oral presentation on team project, role plays, individual online questionnaires, and more.
  • A practical approach: The trainer provides concrete solutions to participants that can be applied as soon as they get back to work

Training content

  • My leadership style.
  • The manager’s role and key responsibilities.
  • Establishing your authority.
  • Avoiding pitfalls and becoming a motivational leader.
  • Being a coach and change agent to energize, motivate and mobilize your teams.
  • Principles of group dynamics.
  • Managing difficult behaviors.
  • Tips and tricks for leading your team through change.
  • Theory: Different management styles.
  • Role plays: monitoring and giving feedback, reprimanding and congratulating, evaluating performance.
  • Personal action plan.

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