The keys to motivation


  • Everyone


  • 1 day

What really motivates us ?

Motivation is a key resource in the well-being of your colleagues and in the pleasure you take in doing something. To better understand it and to act on the levers of motivation are part of this training day.

Training objectives


Understanding the levers of motivation


Implementing a personal motivation plan based on consistency


Setting up a motivating work environment

Pedagogical method

  • Personal development exercise

  • Implementation of internal and external motivational levers

  • Implementing a motivational and/or a motivational leadership system

Pedagogical program

  • Motivation: a question of personal balance first
  • Understanding motivation
  • Internal motivators, what really motivates us
  • External motivational levers, necessary in the working world
  • Development of a communication plan in your direct environment
  • Positive and motivational communication exercises to support your plan



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