Give and receiving constructive feedback

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Training designed for

Anyone interested in:

    • understanding the mechanisms of feedback
    • understanding the role of feedback in communication
    • learning to give and receive feedback that will serve as a motivatinal tool.
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Master the keys to motivating and improving the performance of your team

In the workplace, feedback is essential for self-assessment and understanding where you stand in relation to others, as well as for professional growth in the company. Nonetheless, it can be negatively perceived, or even taken as criticism, when it can actually be a positive, motivating factor. How do you prepare constructive feedback? How do you make the most of feedback received?

Training objectives


Give negative feedback in an assertive way while respecting the feelings of others.


Learn how to give positive feedback.


Understand different communication styles.


Learn how to request feedback

from management, project managers, and colleagues and how to make the most of it.

Teaching approach

  • Training presented through fun, participative and interactive activities.
  • This training focuses on practical applications, primarily through simulation exercises that include specific tasks and role plays.

Training content

  • The differences among various types of feedback.
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of assertiveness.
  • The DESC method for giving positive and corrective feedback.
  • Role plays: Giving feedback based on social style.
  • Fundamentals of active listening.
  • A tool for effectively receiving feedback.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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