Developing a positive attitude

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Training designed for

  • Operational personnel, including team leaders and managers.
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  • 1 day of training and 2 hours of one-to-one guidance and advice

Towards greater wellbeing in daily life.

Demonstrating a positive attitude can influence your relationship with yourself and with others.
It energizes the team spirit and leads to better results. The good news is that acquiring a positive attitude is within everyone’s reach and can be developed!

Training objectives


Learn how take a step back


Develop a positive attitude

towards yourself, your colleagues and your company.

Teaching approach

  • Interactive and fun method based on films, games and exercises.

Training content

  • Drawing up an initial assessment.
  • Defining the zone of influence.
  • Acting in your zone of influence.
  • Techniques to better accept constraints.
  • Developing a positive image of yourself and others.
  • Developing a positive attitude towards the outside world.
  • Film: working on your beliefs.
  • Color game: creating value around you!
  • How can you align your behavior with your values?
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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