Conflict management

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who is directly or indirectly confronted with conflict situations.
  • Human resources managers looking for quality training in conflict management.
  • Managers looking for conflict management techniques in the workplace.
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  • 1 day

Adopt the right attitude towards conflicts and use effective techniques to defuse challenging situations.

What is conflict management? How do conflicts arise at work and how can they be anticipated? What are the common sources of conflict and how should they be managed? Power struggles, conflicts of values, difficulties or misunderstandings with clients, colleagues at work, etc. Almost every day, everyone is confronted with tense situations. This consumes energy and limits productivity. Don’t take this situation for granted! In this training, learn how to defuse conflicts at work for genuine and harmonious relationships.

Training objectives


Understand how conflict arises and what the common sources of tension at work are.


Recognize the different types of conflicts.


Identify and defuse the mechanisms that lead to conflict.


Behave constructively despite tensions.

Teaching approach

  • Realistic role-playing
  • Individual questionnaire on the 5 conflict resolution styles

Training content

  • Workshop: developing the ability to anticipate conflicts – phrases and gestures that induce aggressiveness, sources of tension, etc.
  • Introduction to the concept of emotional management.
  • The basics of establishing positive communication and attitude.
  • Key behaviors for managing and defusing conflict.
  • Practice giving and receiving criticism assertively.
  • Workshop: how to react to the different stages and types of conflict.
  • Personal action plan.

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