Closing techniques


  • Anyone involved in a sales cycle


  • 1/2 days

How to request the order or its signature ?

Closing skills refer to the ability to convince a prospect to accept the offer we have made. This usually occurs in the final stage of the sales or negotiation process and requires a mix of diplomacy and assertiveness. A mixture of active listening, communication and persuasion. Adapting your approach based on the fact that no two prospects are the same will make you even more effective.

There are many techniques to effectively close a deal. Some are best suited to reassure the hesitant person, others can help them organize their thoughts and reach their own conclusion. Combining our skills with the most appropriate technique will increase our probability of success.

Training objectives


Identify the prospect’s communication preferences


Identifier les techniques les plus efficaces en fonction des préférences


Identify the most effective techniques based on preferences


Use influence techniques to increase the probability of success

Pedagogical method

  • Sub-group discussions
  • Role playing
  • Illustrative videos
  • Sharing of tools


Pedagogical program

  • Summary of communication styles and links to “closing
  • Some important obstacles that complicate our closing task
  • Some important biases that make the prospect’s decision easier: loss aversion, status quo, scarcity effect, recency and primacy, anchoring, framing
  • Some effective techniques: summary, pros and cons, presumed, conditional or after the fact acceptance
  • Some catalysts: Time limited offer, free trial or/and samples

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