Acting your transition into management

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Training designed for

  • Operational personnel, including team leaders and managers starting in a new position or with a new team
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  • 2 days

Taking charge of a new team

Congratulations! A new job, new responsibilities, a new team… Your management and your colleagues have high expectations for you. How do you introduce yourself to a new team? Your first 100 days are critical to your future success. Make the most of this time to instill trust, establish your credibility, and create a new dynamic. You have to act fast because it will be harder to make changes down the line… If this sounds like your current situation, then this training is for you!

Training objectives

This training covers the fundamentals of management and how to manage a team through proven methods and a functional tool kit. Two days of essential training on how to step into your new role quickly and confidently. Intended for new managers who will be introducing themselves to their new team and colleagues.

Teaching approach

  • Exploring the model and process for the “first 100 days”
  • Creating your personal “Managerial Plan”

Training content

  • The manager’s role in 5 points
  • Introduction to the law of reciprocity for the manager
  • Learn the key behaviors you need to adopt to be a good manager.
  • Role plays: Managing difficult behaviors and different personality types.
  • Maslow’s pyramid: From survival to self- actualization within a company.
  • Social styles according to William Marston (DiSC®)
  • Reach the goal: Take charge in 100 days.
  • The manager’s calendar.
  • Individual vs. collective balance, formal vs.


  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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