Bénédicte de Callataÿ

Mediator & trainer

A lawyer by training, Bénédicte de Callatay completed her law degree (UCL) with training in social, civil and commercial mediation. Since 2013, she has specialized in the facilitation of labor relations. This is how she wrote the book “Manager Mediator” which was published by Politeia in September 2019.

She is passionate about everything related to relational well-being at work. As a facilitator, she helps teams and individuals to be well in their relationships with others and also to be well in their relationship with work.

When she is not working, Bénédicte enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves to cook or redesign her home.


  • Law degree at the Catholic University of Leuven (1985)
  • Certification as civil and commercial mediator, PMR Europe (2011)
  • Certification as social mediator, Mediation, Conciliation in social law (2013)


  • Coaching
  • Collective intelligence
  • Communication
  • Managing aggression and conflict
  • Team coaching
  • well-being at work and psychosocial risks


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French