Patrick Zacharis


Born on the African continent, of French nationality and living in Belgium for 30 years, Patrick Zacharis has devoted 15 years of his life to the world of finance. He then turned to training in order to offer his field experience as a team leader and facilitator in project management.

He has then completed his career path for 10 years now by training in coaching and personal development in order to offer his clients a quadruple skill: trainer (management, communication, leadership), coach trainer in a coaching school and business coach.

His knowledge of the field, his mastery of management/communication and personal development tools, his open and dynamic personality, his pedagogical qualities, his ability to listen, his analysis, his creativity and his contributions in terms of leads and solutions, make him an attentive, reactive and efficient interlocutor.

Patrick's mission: to accompany, support and stimulate the development of individuals, teams and organizations that wish to evolve in a balanced, mutually respectful and sustainable way!

Specialist areas
  • Team building (classroom or on-site)
  • Coaching (Leader - Life - Team)