« Train people is not filling a vase, it is kindling a fire. » Aristophanes

The pleasure of expressing one’s own potential.


    Training at the service of your organisation's performance

    For more than 20 years now, the Progress Consulting consultants and trainers have been providing trainings in companies.

    Our trainings and development journeys make for a permanent behavioural change and reinforce the level of commitment of your employees.

    Besides acquiring new "soft skills" competences, we strive at bringing you a contagious positive attitude!

    We cover the whole of the « soft competences » needed by company managers, middle manager sand employees to ensure their roles and missions.


    Our trainings

    We assist you to develop the competences needed to face the new challenges in a changing world. Communication, sales and negotiations, management and leadership,project management, time management, assertiveness, change management, client orientation, conflict management,… the Progress Consulting trainers passionately assist you in various areas regarding yourpersonal development.

    Tailor-made and quality

    Beyond the catalogue of standard trainings that you can download here, we are developing tailor-made courses dedicated to your organisational challenges.

    Our trainings meet 5 requirements: practice, professional, positive, personalised and participative.

    Our strengths

    • More than 20 years of expertise

    Our team of 30 trainers, coaches and high-end consultants provide around 2500 to 3000 consulting days per year. A few references can be found here

    • Practical formats adapted to every challenge, but always impactful

    - Little theory: 70% of the time spent training is dedicated to practical exercises. Everyday has at least one « play » episode.

    - The « Blended Learning » approach via our own Progress e-Academy LMS platform, video capsules and our digital tools allow for full interactivity during the training courses.

    - Short formats (2-hour workshop on one specific competence) and long formats (manager development journey of 2 years in 15 days).

    - We end each training day with an individual action plan. Result: measurable changes after thetraining!

    Our training materials

    Progress Consulting delivers training materials.

    Did you know?

    Follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed about our monthly inter-company trainings: our "best seller" trainings open to all profiles ! The trainings are given on various locations in Belgium, whether at the Progress Consulting premises or in other places.


    We also have a catalogue containing a range of standard training modules. Each module can be adapted to reflect your organisation’s needs and imperatives.

    Want to learn more?

    Get in touch to discuss your training project with our team.