Inter-company training “Manager: a job, a passion”

As a team manager, you are required to develop your leadership skills. This cannot be improvised. During this inter-company training, we propose to discover the keys to better approach this role, to blossom in this function and to make your team grow.

Theoretical concepts will be seen beforehand in an e-learning access that includes educational videos, summary sheets, quizzes… Then, you will be able to deepen your knowledge through exercises during interactive sessions with the trainer.


  • To better understand one’s role as a manager
  • Better manage your team
  • Be efficient in the different tasks assigned to the manager (motivate, set objectives, follow up work, give feedback…)
  • Develop your communication skills, your assertiveness and manage delicate situations


E-learning modules seen beforehand:

  • The roles of the manager leader
  • Situational leadership
  • The 4 social styles within my team
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Delegating

Day 1:

  • My managerial profile: how do I manage my team according to my social style (*)?
  • The role of the manager and his key functions
  • How to establish effective relationships with the team from the start?
  • What attitudes to adopt?
  • How to set up one’s leadership? Being a leader. Avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Being a coach, a manager, an agent of change.
  • Principles of group dynamics. What to say to integrate?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the team, functioning and dysfunctions within the team through :
  • Behaviors and attitudes adopted
  • Real and required skills
  • Relational or communication difficulties
  • How to make the team evolve

Day 2:

  • The different management styles
  • Managing according to employees’ profiles: adapting
  • Understanding what motivates and motivates
  • Delegating
  • Setting objectives
  • Communicating effectively with employees
  • Listen actively, be empathetic, reformulate
  • Being assertive
  • Follow up and give feedback, reprimand and congratulate, evaluate

Teaching method:

  • Methodology specific to inter-company training and adapted to the heterogeneity of the participants. We will use concrete situations evoked by the participants.
  • Adaptation of the examples to each particular context
  • Exchange with the specialist trainer
  • Sharing of cases with participants from other backgrounds
  • Slideshows
  • Exercises in sub-groups
  • Case studies


  • 510€/day/participant (lunch and drinks included)
  • Reduced price for 2 or more participants (460€/day/participant)

We limit the training to ten participants


  • Street Henri Vieuxtemps, 33 in 4000 Liège
  • Easy parking
  • Liège Palais train station at less than 10 minutes by foot

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