Our Business Show is part-way between a comedy performance and a formal business speech – an enjoyable way to pass on key messages to members of your organisation.

Our offering covers a number of different topics:

Lots of personalities? Let’s learn to co-exist in harmony!

An organisation is home to many different personalities – introverts, extroverts, modest and ambitious types, shrinking violets and dashing adventurers. But how do you get them all co-existing in harmony? In this speech, we’ll explore how people with often vastly different personalities communicate – akin to “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” but applied to the world of business.

To change or not to change? That is the question!
How do you drive your organisation forward? What causes it to change – or not to change? In this speech, we’ll take a humorous look at resistance to change, featuring a series of anecdotes that will inspire listeners to get outside their comfort zone.
Talk about it then forget about it!
Evidence shows that the most successful companies are those that can quickly spot their own problems. But how do we talk about these often difficult subjects? In this speech on assertiveness, we’ll take a fun, quirky look at the importance of getting things out in the open.
Other options...

  • Emotional intelligence: how does it affect business?
  • Time management: a priority in our hyperactive world
  • The new managerial paradigm: fiction or reality?
  • Conflict management: tips, tricks and advice towards more harmonious relationships
  • etc.

Our Business Show makes a great addition to your celebratory occasion, executive meeting or incentive event.

Practical details:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Languages: French, Dutch, English (combinations available)
  • Location: to be agreed (at your premises or event venue)
  • Number of participants: unlimited


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