Whenever an organisation implements an action plan to achieve an objective, a range of different processes come into play:

  • control
  • issuing instructions
  • observation (formal or informal)
  • feedback.

We can support staff members through these processes, monitoring and observing them in action then delivering feedback through coaching sessions.

More specifically:

  • we make contact with the staff members in question
  • we provide a hands-on, easy-to-use behavioural observation grid
  • we observe their general behaviour, identifying whether feedback is constructive, the types of instruction given, whether communication is directive or participatory, whether staff are solution-oriented, etc.
  • we report back on our observations in individual meetings and hold coaching sessions (1-3 sessions) with each staff member.

We can also work on the following aspects:

  • positioning
  • interpersonal communication
  • feedback and instruction methods
  • integration of objectives in management and communication activities.

This process gives staff members a clear insight into the observation, control and instruction phases and helps to allay the often negative connotations associated with these processes.

Through our work, we help to establish a climate of dialogue and participation between staff members and managers. We also stress the importance of clear, effective language to achieving objectives.

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