Why using art coaching? 

Here at Progress Consulting, we offer an art coaching programme for anyone who wants to:

  • relieve stress
  • communicate better
  • boost their self-confidence
  • handle unforeseen circumstances and/or change better
  • take the sting out of crises and/or stressful situations.

Art is an effective way to:

  • stimulate creativity and improve problem-solving capabilities
  • overcome resistance to change
  • make work more enjoyable, and therefore improve relationships between colleagues.

Art coaching helps to create a new dynamic in an organisation, opening up people’s horizons to new ideas and giving them the sense of perspective they need to keep moving forward.


How does it work?

Art engages the right side of the brain. Yet it also taps into the more logical left side, helping to promote reflection, decision-making and action. It stimulates creativity and helps people to overcome obstacles.

Art coaching is a process that focuses on three key areas:

  • optimising creativity and discovering new skills
  • improving public speaking, verbal dexterity and communication
  • strengthening group cohesion.



The coach establishes a climate of openness and communication, to give the participant(s) an opportunity to share their impressions and feelings and talk about their unique experience.

Participants are encouraged to play, explore and step outside their comfort zone.

The workshop is divided into three sections:

  • discussion and objective-setting
  • relaxation (eyes closed) to focus on the task at hand and the chosen or proposed medium (clay, paint, collage, etc.)
  • debrief.

Art coaching does not require any technical knowledge or talent.

The quality of the final piece is not important and no assessment is carried out.


Practical arrangements

Workshops can be held on-site (i.e. at the workplace) where possible, or as an off-site seminar. 

Agathe De Rouck art coach


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