Becoming a trainer

Leading a session

In this course, you’ll learn about teaching and training methods and understand the reasons why effective communication is critical to knowledge acquisition in others.

Getting the most out of your client portfolio

Tracking and managing your customers and developing loyalty

A solid relationship is essential to building long-term customer loyalty. The best salespeople are able to analyse their client portfolio, identify the level of maturity, work out how to manage…

Harassment at work: a theme that concerns all of us

A harassment awareness program

According to a recent study of workplace harassment, 14% of workers reported being harassed in the previous 12 months.This percentage is significantly higher than the previous years and would…

How to go from convinced to convincing?

Interact with others using a communication adapted to your interlocutors

«We can convince the others by their own reasons, but we only persuade them by theirs, » according to Joseph Joubert.
We often think that it is enough to have a good idea to be able to…

Neuroscience to sharpen your commercial efficiency

Principles of influence and persuasion serving sales, marketing and public speaking

Our brain, lazy by nature, tends to respond to stimuli in a partially predictable way and to use mental shortcuts. And if we better understand how it works to maximize our power of persuasion over…

Prevent & Care

Preventing burn-out

This five-day workshop programme, spread over 8-10 weeks, focuses on individual burn-out prevention.

Attendees get personal support from two professionals, helping them…

Taking back control of your time

Effective time management strategies

Save time by organising yourself differently!

Taking back control of your time (French)

Inter-company training, 27 June 2018

Save time by organising yourself differently!

Training in Management: a vocation in its own right

The keys for efficient management

As a team manager, one of your jobs is to develop your leadership skills. This isn’t something you can improvise. In this training programme, we’ll explore the knowledge and tools you need to…

Training: anticipating and managing conflict

Dissipating tension and working better

Tension is something we encounter on an almost daily basis, whether in the form of power struggles, conflicts of values, or difficulties and misunderstandings with customers or staff members. Yet…

Training: asserting your leadership

How to become a charismatic boss

To be a good leader, you need to assert your authority in a simple and constructive way, defend your opinions without riding roughshod over the views of others, and be diplomatic at all times.

Training: becoming a better interpersonal communicator

Communicating effectively in business settings

It’s important to communicate honestly and in a way that reflects the demands of the situation, whether you’re building a team project, negotiating with a client, presenting results in a meeting,…

Training: being more assertive

Being more confident in your dealings with others

Do you want to be more self-assured and gain respect in all circumstances? Do you need to deal with difficult situations more effectively?

And do you want to get to know yourself better so…

Training: Business and change

Encouraging staff members to accept change and to become “change managers”

Change is inevitable for any business that wants to maintain its position or become more competitive. Yet change can also lead to conflicts within an organisation. In order to make change a…

Training: close a sale face-to-face

Preparing, making contact, listening and closing the deal

Once you’ve got a face-to-face meeting with a customer, you're over the first hurdle. The only thing left to do is arouse their interest and meet their demand. In this training, you’ll learn how…

Training: communicating better

Becoming a more effective communicator

It’s important to communicate honestly and in a way that reflects the demands of the situation, whether you’re building a team project, negotiating with a client, presenting results in a meeting,…

Training: creativity and brainstorming techniques

Boost your creative abilities!

"Creativity is intelligence that plays," according to Einstein. There is not one side those who use their left brain and the others who use their right brain. Each…

Training: decoding non-verbal communication

The impact of body language

Beyond words, we express ourselves continuously through body language, gestures, posture and facial expressions. This training course will help you understand and control the mechanisms of non-…

Training: Design Thinking

Experience the method of innovative companies!

Each company seeks to innovate and keep its relevance for its customers. The user experience and creative dynamics are no longer just for designers! Design Thinking is a method centered on the…

Training: developing a positive mindset

Towards a more serene working life

A positive mindset can have an effect on your relationship with yourself and with others, helping to improve team spirit and, in doing so, drive performance. And the good news is that anyone can…