Activité et/ou secteur

The company had introduced an action plan to reduce the number of human errors.

The plan was divided into several phases, including a series of on-the-job observations.

During these observations, managers had to:

  • observe staff members as they carried out their work
  • give them help and support
  • give them feedback about what had gone well.

Progress Consulting was called in to coach managers during these observations.

Population cible

300 managers and supervisors

Solution apportée

We employed a hands-on, easy-to-use matrix to observe managers as they carried out their work, assessing how they conducted themselves, whether they gave constructive feedback, the types of instruction they issued, whether they had a directive or participatory communication style, whether they were solution-oriented, etc.

Résultats obtenus

The managers:

  • improved their positioning
  • became better at interpersonal communication
  • learned to give better feedback and instructions
  • became better at incorporating safety rules into their management and communication activities.

We helped to:

  • lift the lid on the observation process to dispel misconceptions about control
  • establish participatory dialogue between staff members and their manager
  • develop clear, effective language
  • boost performance
  • reduce the number of human errors within the organisation.