Activité et/ou secteur

Our client wanted to stand out from the competition by delivering exemplary customer service, in pursuit of two objectives – attracting and retaining more customers, and motivating employees around a common project.

  • To improve customer service
  • To develop a positive, customer-oriented mindset
  • To stand out from the competition with exemplary customer service
Population cible

All customer-facing retail staff

Solution apportée

Progress Consulting developed a retail-specific customer service training module (applicable to all sectors).


  1. We delivered project management and customer service training (2 days) to a small steering committee, which oversaw the upstream aspects of the project.
  2. We trained an in-house trainer at each store (1 day), amounting to around 50 trainees in the space of a few weeks. As internal “sponsors” of the project, these trainers went on deliver customer service training to their peers and acted as customer service coordinators within their individual stores.


We developed a comprehensive training kit for trainers and staff alike at each outlet, including a roadmap, syllabus, detailed script and equipment.

Résultats obtenus

We are proud to have developed a long-lasting process that brings numerous benefits:

  • A training process developed in tandem with the client
  • Several hundred people trained in record time
  • A wide-ranging project with cost control
  • An approach that works, with a genuine impact on customer service (as evidenced by a satisfaction tracker).