Activité et/ou secteur
Belgium - France - Luxembourg
  • Competition from every angle
  • Increasingly demanding customers

Boosting staff engagement

Population cible

Customer-facing employees

Solution apportée

    We developed a programme for all customer-facing employees:

    • Our changing world
    • How customers decide
    • My sphere of influence
    • Verbal and non-verbal behaviour that works
    • Managing difficult situations

    This enjoyable programme featured a series of video sequences, workshops and interactive sessions.

    The organisation developed an in-house charter to support the programme.

    Key points of the project:

    • A stand-out course for trainees with little experience of behavioural training
    • Content that trainees could also apply to their personal lives (well-being, positive mindset, etc.)
    • A day-long course that trainees viewed as a “gift” from their managers.
    Résultats obtenus
    • Better customer service
    • Less stress at work
    • Greater motivation
    • Better industrial relations
    • Fewer mistakes
    • Improved financial performance